Such love, such gift

This morning we watched a DVD of Of Gods and Men. I had thought it would be harrowing, but it was not. The central, overriding theme, powerful in its simplicity, was of self-giving love and commitment. The monks did not sacrifice their lives; they gave them - not just at the end, but daily, in small ways as well as big: in prayer, in service, in love, forgiveness, tenderness, fidelity. And it was undoubtedly this daily gift of self, this commitment to that to which they had pledged their lives, which made the final, absolute gift possible. The decision to remain and face death did not come out of the blue: it had, effectively, been made and worked on, day in day out, over many years and decades.

The parallels with the life and death of Jesus are inescapable. And that is the message of today: love, undoubtedly, and self-gift; freely, unreservedly given - to the last drop. When we gaze on the One who has been pierced, we gaze on love, pure love become pure, total gift, because it cannot do anything less.

Such love... calling compellingly for a wholehearted response...


  1. I havent seen the film yet, though I have it waiting for me. I do have two books about these martyrs though. One is a detailed narration of their story, the other the letters and papers of Christian de c. When they come out of storage ( next week!) you would be most welcome to borrow! Great post!

  2. Thanks - I shall look forward to coming round to your new place in order to pick them up!

  3. I love it Silvana - keep it up and thanks


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