PS: Sharing the life

I have been reflecting on my last post, and thinking that there is more to say. I had written about the life in abundance Jesus promises to us (John 10:10). What I should have added is that this life is not given to us so that we just hug it to ourselves like a delicious secret; it is given so that it can be shared. Our gifts; the graces and insights, love, kindness and compassion we receive; the deep joy or serenity we experience; the rejuvenating energy and life we enjoy... all these are not given to us for ourselves alone, but for the life of the world.

True, abundant life has to be infectious, and a large part of the joy of experiencing it is being able to pass it on! Whereas were we to try to keep all we have received to ourselves, not only would it decrease and shrivel up, but so would we.

I have come that they may have life, and have it in abundance: Jesus says this to us, so that we can then say it to others.


  1. An infectious T- Mobile advert comes to mind :-) xx

  2. YES!!! - hehe, made me chuckle just remembering it, so definitely infectious!


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