Communicating Christ

Above the clouds
I don't have any inspiring thoughts about the feast of the Ascension. This is largely because, despite many years of adulthood, I have never been able to shake off my childhood images of Jesus blasting off into space like a rocket on full throttle. I suppose that's a legacy of growing up in an era of space travel and children's TV like Thunderbirds; maybe pre-1960s children had gentler, waftier images of the event, with Jesus floating into heaven in a more dignified manner. And maybe today's homily will provide me with new food for thought and the possibility of a new image...

But anyway... a few days ago I was struck by something on a friend's Facebook status (thank you Anne!) and as today is also World Communications Day it's a good excuse to share it! It reminds us of our fundamental responsibility in an age of multiple means of mass communication. It's also short, sweet and to the point, and that is how I will keep this post.

Christ has no online presence but yours.
No blog, no Facebook page but yours.
Yours are the tweets through which love touches this world.
Yours are the posts through which the Gospel is shared.
Yours are the updates through which hope is revealed.

...Christ has no online presence but yours.

-- Meredith Gould