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I've been wanting to write about the News International hacking scandal, but not sure quite what. This isn't because I don't have an opinion: oh no, verbally, I have been commenting quite prolifically; but what to say in writing? That's another matter.

Maybe it's because so much has already been said, and every single way of expressing revulsion has already been used. And then there's the speed at which events have been moving. Not just every day, but every news bulletin brings something different. At the time of writing Gordon Brown is addressing the parliamentary debate, although the motion has been rendered unnecessary by News Corp's withdrawal of its bid for BSkyB - but who knows what new events will have come to pass by the time I actually post this?

I have, however, noticed two things have been missing. The first is the lack of the -gate suffix. For over 35 years this has been merrily applied to any scandal with only the remotest relationship to telephones, tapping or political corruption. Nowhere have I seen any reference to Murdoch-gate or Wapping-gate; this has always been the NOTW/News International hacking scandal. Far more dignified, and I wonder whether this reflects the seriousness with which every journalist and commentator is treating this whole dreadful affair.

The other missing thing has been any sort of religious comment, not just from religious leaders, but also from religious bloggers. Perhaps everyone feels that there is nothing more to say? That so much disgust has been expressed by so many, that there is nothing they can add? I don't know. What I do know is that whenever I've looked at other British Catholic bloggers, they have either not been blogging (like me), or else it's been business as usual: liturgy, Church feasts, general news and views, Church matters and so on... The one exception seems to be Catholic Left, whose blog you can read here. I hope he won't mind if, on this occasion, I have a little piggy-back ride...

And please, do feel free to add your comments!


  1. PS: A day later, and I see that another Catholic blogger has now written about the scandal. His post contains a link to another blogger, who last week expressed his horror at Murdoch's papal knighthood (something I'd completely forgotten about)


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