Women of heart

Last month I blogged about the 8th anniversary of my final profession. Well, just to put that into perspective: today three English RSCJ celebrate their golden jubilees (50 years) of final profession - vows made well before I was even a twinkle in anyone's eye.

A few months ago, during the lunchbreak of a province day, Frances, Mary and Mon were filmed talking about those fifty years, and how they continue to discover ways in which to make known the love of the Heart of God. They also tell us whether it's been worth it - and why. They're wonderfully relaxed throughout, interspersing deep truths and insights with their sandwiches and cups of tea. And why not? After all, the Word became flesh precisely so that God could be part of our everyday, ordinary lives and activities, not confined to special places and times.

I lived for eight years with one of the three, and know the other two well enough to be able to say that what you see on the video is what you get in the flesh: true women of heart, committed to living the call to love and to conformity with the Heart of Jesus; each in her own way, according to her gifts and personality.

This is my first attempt at embedding a Youtube video into my blog - so I do hope it works! I also hope you enjoy watching it, and that afterwards you will join me in raising a glass - or a cup of tea - in gratitude to all those women of heart who inspire us in so many ways.