Still being Elizabeth

A few months ago I wrote about the Visitation from the point of view of Elizabeth, as I described how I felt about the younger women hoping to join our congregation. (You can re-read this by clicking here). Well, earlier this month three new candidates moved into three of our communities - including one here in my own community. Having new companions on the journey is great, and a strong affirmation of who and what we are - and of who and what I am.

But the work of vocations ministry goes on, and last weekend I was up in Newcastle, as part of the team animating a vocations "come and see" day attended by some lovely young women. This was our fifth vocations event in 15 months: each one has been different, depending on the participants, dynamics, the time and place, what we have learnt from previous events and so on - but each one has been a tremendous experience.

For us, it's lovely to be part of these young womens' journeys and to see, even if only briefly, the action of God in their lives. It is also a wonderful experience to see how our charism continues to touch people, to speak to and resonate with newer generations. By the end of each day or weekend I'm tired, but it's a nice sort of tired, in which I also feel energised, and renewed in my sense of call to belong to God in the Society of Jesus's Heart.

So, I'm still being Elizabeth, happy to welcome and be with all these Marys... still celebrating my own and each one's call... still rejoicing in our God, who always fulfills his promises...