Revealing God's treasure

Every so often, when I look at the stats for this blog, I see that someone has accessed it via Google Images. The stats show the search words used, and I sometimes find myself marvelling at how they have ended up on this blog simply because a post randomly contained the words they were searching for. Earlier today I noticed that someone had come via a search for "revealing God's treasure". Intrigued, I clicked on the URL to see which post and image had come up...

... and the image which popped up was a picture of - ME!! So when someone searched for "revealing God's treasure" Google presented them with my profile picture!

When I had finished chuckling at the daftness of it all, and thanking Google for the compliment, I decided that actually it was highly appropriate - and what better day for it to happen than Candlemas, the World Day for Consecrated Life? Because what are we religious supposed to be about, if not the revelation of God's treasure? Like Anna and Simeon in today's Gospel, we are called to be deeply contemplative, deeply committed; and out of that attitude of heart, to be able to recognise and proclaim God, no matter how ordinary or unprepossessing his appearance.

As a Religious of the Sacred Heart I am called, like all my sisters, to discover and reveal the treasure which is the limitless, tender love of God, whose source is in the Open Heart of Jesus. Words to that effect, in my profile, were what corresponded to the search words, and so it was good to be reminded of this fundamental call, which I share with so many women all over the world. This evening, at the chaplaincy candlelit Mass, I will pray that we may all be renewed and strengthened in this, wherever and however we are.

And meanwhile, I share the treasure which is the gift of this reminder and insight...


  1. Dear Silvana,

    I cam across your blog while searching for for something or other related to the Associates (likely the weekly e-reflection I send out and publish online at of which I am a part in Houston, TX, USA.

    As an alumna and and associate, I enjoy your posts and your perspective very much. Keep posting -



  2. Thanks for your encouragement Colleen, and for pointing me towards your blog, which I hadn't seen before. Your collating of all these reflections, artwork and poems is very impressive.
    By the way, in case you've never seen it, there's another RSCJ blog - Consider the Lilies, by Kimberley King, USA.

  3. Thanks for the reference. I have read Sr. King's poetry at and used it in some of the reflections. I will certainly check it out.




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