Filled with the life of God

At Mass the priest described today's first reading, from Jeremiah, as being about the call to, and nature of, prophecy. He described a prophet as someone "filled with the life of God", which, on reflection, seems a very apt description for God's invitation to Mary at the Annunciation, and the consequence of her response. Literally, physically, from the moment she said her YES, she was filled with the life of God: a life she bore within her and then brought forth into the world, for the life and the good of the world.

And really, this is God's invitation and call to each one of us. We can be a spouse, parent, religious, priest, single... an educator, carer, animator, thinker, mentor, artist, speaker... young or old, healthy or not... the call is the same: to allow ourselves to be filled with the life of God, and to bring that life into our own world, for the life and good of that world. As with Mary, the how, where and with whom may not be instantly clear; they might only unfold over time, years or even decades, but the important thing is to listen, to be open, and - in small ways as well as big - to allow God's life to fill us, to the brim and overflowing.

PS: Today one of my friends celebrates the first anniversary of her first vows. Meanwhile, thanks to Facebook I know that later today two young women will enter the Interprovincial noviciate in Chile. Please pray for them, and for all those discerning their call, for the openness, generosity and trust which can say - and live out - "here I am... let it be..."