Playing with Wordle

Last week I was experimenting with Wordle, and used my RSS feed to supply the words. My friend Cloister then kindly used her trusty Mac to turn the result into a photo, so I could post it here.

It's a randomly arranged snapshot of the words on this blog on the 4th April - so already it has passed into history, as new posts, with new themes and words have appeared. It's fun - but also useful as a way of noting what I've been writing about. The bigger the word, the more it has been used. So I'm delighted to see that God is nicely big and prominent, as are life and various other positive words, but less delighted to see that Jesus is the same size as Facebook. Hmmm...

But for anyone who loves words a Wordle is a thing of beauty, a kind of visual poetry. Its sheer randomness throws up some lovely combinations and juxtapositions: "finding treasure"; "transform fragility"; "Resurrection" before "death" (with blessed in between); "lives" above "funeral"; "beauty" and "abundantly" beneath "vocation" and so on. And then there is the mundane and the everyday; ordinary, easily passed-over words are part of the beauty - and, as a friend commented when I first posted it on Facebook "glad to see that risotto has a place!"


  1. I think it is a very beautiful Wordle. I should do mine again, or find the one I did. They are very revealing of a blogger's fascinations. A bit daunting really! xx

  2. Just commented on yours! They are fun, instructive, revealing and always lovely to behold xx

  3. Thank you for reminding me again of Wordle and how I could be using it; my blog usually just tries to open up a path for reflection and so I should probably try this with one of my monthly reviews from my personal journal. I do enjoy your blog. Love and prayer with lots of joy for this Eastertide,

  4. This is fun!! I love the new spin it gives the words...wiggle room to re-sift, find new places to bloom and create beauty.


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