10k and the underdogs

My stats tell me this blog has just achieved 10,000 pageviews. Thank you! Although I know some of these visitors were accidental - people googling a song title or an image or combination of words which landed them on a particular page - I can at least thank those who meant to come here.

How to commemorate this milestone? Well, I've noticed that some blogs have a panel showing the most popular posts; a nice idea, except that I think my most popular posts have already had more than enough visitors! Instead, I want to favour the underdogs - those posts which have received the fewest visitors. Why this happened I have no idea: maybe I posted the links on Facebook just as all my friends went out; maybe there was something better on TV that evening; maybe the title didn't appeal... Whatever, the success or otherwise of a post is often quite random. (I'm sure my second highest post - "The success of failure" - owes a high percentage of its popularity to its intriguing title!) Thus I have rather a soft spot for the underdogs, as they really have done nothing to deserve this neglect. So, in atonement, and just in case you missed them first time around, here are the ones languishing in the bottom six, way below all the others...

Being Elizabeth

Nothing, nothing, nothing...

Dragonflies and dodos



Playing with Wordle

Oh, and my last but one post - A heartful of small things - could also do with your help...