2012 Calendar: October

It's October already! The days are that bit chillier, autumn colours that bit more abundant, and our hours of daylight are slowly, inexorably, contracting. Our shops are selling 2013 calendars and diaries, and some shelves even contain Christmas gifts for those super-organised people who like to shop early. And as always at this time of year, we wonder just where the year has gone...

This month I've combined Paul's letters to Titus and Philemon. They are very short, and very sweet. Yes, there are some instructions and practicalities, but overall, there is a lot of tenderness and affection, both for the recipients, and when Paul is talking about Onesimus.

And in Philemon there's hope - strong, audacious, almost outrageous hope. This brief letter was written while Paul was still in prison, and yet he is full of hope for his release. Hope that was not deceived - but Paul didn't know it at the time of writing. So for me there's a real boldness about this line:

One thing more - prepare a guest room for me, for I am hoping through your prayers to be restored to you. (v 22)

For I am hoping through your prayers... what a strong reminder of the importance, not only of hope, but of relying on prayer!

(A short post, in keeping with this month's brevity from Paul)