Christmas crib

This crib stands in the entrance hall of our house, so it's virtually the first thing residents and visitors notice. There are only two figures, because Mary is holding her precious baby tightly in her arms, as if she could never let him go.

Several visitors, on first glance, have been known to miss the baby, as all they can see are the adult figures.

Here we have everything that Christmas is about: love and tenderness, intimacy, simplicity and light. And we also have a God who becomes so tiny and hidden we have to stop and look intently, or we could easily not notice him, as we focus on the bigger and more obvious.

So my wish for us all this Christmas is that we find God in the hidden, the tiny, the ordinary and the usually overlooked. And when we find him, may we too never want to let him go...

Happy Christmas everybody


  1. Amen, Silvana. A blessed Christmas to you!

  2. A beautful message Silvana and thank you for inspiration and depth fed to us throughout the year.
    I saw this crib yesterday in the hall at Norham Gardens, its simplicity is refreshing and greets all visitors with warmth and vibrancy.


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