Called to be love

Tomorrow eleven RSCJ from seven countries will make their perpetual vows after five months of intense preparation together. And as per a Society tradition started by our foundress a few days ago our Superior General gave them a name and devise (motto) which will accompany them individually and as a group, effectively sealing their call and identity within the congregation. You can read more about the name and devise here.

The name and devise are always given in a closing conference, which sums up their experience, and expands on and gives a context to their new name. The conference is personal to the group, arising from what they have lived and shared, but it is shared with the rest of the congregation as it contains insights and calls for all of us.

As I read it the other day one thing especially struck me: the part where Kathy told them - told us - that there is an aspect of Jesus' Heart, of Jesus' way of loving, which each one is called to share with particular commitment, because it is the aspect of God's love which has been revealed to her, with which she has been graced. And that is the aspect we are each called to BE for others.

So which aspect of Jesus' Heart, of his way of loving, am I called to BE?

For the first part I go immediately to my own name, received in June 2003: The Open and Welcoming Heart of Jesus. It is a multi-layered, multi-faceted call which I find myself going deeper and deeper into each year, with new insights, new layers, new ways of understanding and living this call. And within that is Jesus' way of loving, and here I find myself reflecting anew on my experience and understanding of this love, at once tender and generous, patient and strong. It needs further reflection, further prayer, maybe even the outlet of further writing to help me fully understand this new insight which will accompany me into my new decade of life.

And meanwhile, I leave you all with the same question: which aspect of Jesus' Heart, of Jesus' way of loving, are you called to BE for others?

(And if you feel able to share, please do!)