Spring in a Wordle

Judging by this very full Wordle, April was quite a full month! Spring, new life and our magnificent magnolia certainly dominated, interspersed with wombles in the London Marathon, a delayed Annunciation and Vocations Sunday. All that - and all these words - in only five posts!

So what do I see? Well, for starters there's
"love hundredfold now"
"following Jesus around becoming joyous"
"religious magnolia excited wide-open spring"
"buds Heart life"
and, tucked away in a corner - "blossoming vocations" - which I certainly hope will be the case!

What do you see?

And what will the merry month of May bring..?


  1. This is a beautiful Wordle - a joy to read! So much there: "pray through process"; "glorious Sunday fact - joyful". There's also "joy current within vague tiny Church" which might need unpacking, but I suspect has a hidden message!

  2. I hadn't noticed the vague tiny Church! - that's the beauty of Wordles, everything in them is very much in the eye of each beholder


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