Gratitude, call and quiet joy

So here I am on the tenth anniversary of my perpetual vows - somewhat older, hopefully somewhat wiser. The exuberant, overwhelming, pure God-given joy which carried me through the actual day has been replaced by a quieter, subtler joy... but I'm still in the mood to celebrate! God's fidelity and unconditional love are always worthy of celebration, but especially so at a milestone. Yes, there have been sorrows and challenges in the past decade, times of huge pain when I have truly lived in the Wounded Heart, but that's when I know God's love has been especially tender and constant, and the call to the Open Heart - the source of my life and my joy - especially strong.

And one of my joys is that today isn't only 'my' day! There were twelve of us who prepared for profession together, growing in friendship and trust as we grew in our openness to God. We share the bond of that experience, as well as our own call and identity expressed through our group's name and devise (motto). Nine of us were professed together, so I share today with a small group of women on every continent, including the three who were professed later. They have all been very much in my prayer today, as I give thanks for the worldwide community to which I have pledged my life.

A few months ago someone sent the community a card with this quote from Meister Eckhart:

We are all meant to be mothers of God, for God is always needing to be born.

I've been praying with that quote especially today, turning it over in my heart. It calls me to be a bearer of God, and God's life, wherever that life and presence are needed. It also sums up our call as RSCJ, which is to discover and make known the love of God's Heart: God is inextricably Love, and so wherever God is, there, without a doubt, is Love - and vice versa! But first, of course, God needs to be born, given life and nurtured in my own heart, and that's the grace and desire for which I pray.

Several weeks ago I wrote about the grace of joy, and the joy I described then is definitely the joy I feel today, as I give thanks for all that has been and re-commit myself to the journey and adventure that lie ahead...


  1. Ad multos annos, Silvana! Every blessing!

    1. Thanks - and it was good to see you again the other day

  2. This is a beautiful reflection Silvana - thank you.


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