God in all details

A friend recently posted this photo on Facebook as her new cover photo (she found it elsewhere on the internet, so I am unable to credit the photographer). Maybe it was the effect of all the publicity for WYD in Rio, but as soon as I saw it I saw, not a sunset, but Christ the Redeemer with outstretched arms.

I commented on this, and in her reply my friend said that this was typical of just how God is present in every detail of our lives! And so God is: whether in the big picture or the tiniest element; whether in the overwhelmingly obvious or that which can only be discerned through reflection and hindsight; whether he comes whooshing in or gently wafting, God is there, lovingly present in every detail...

And today, we celebrate the feast of St Ignatius, whose spirituality centres on finding God in all things; on perceiving and discerning that loving presence in all details. The story of Ignatius' life, and the story of his gradually evolving sense of call and generous response, are the stories of a man who pondered and reflected on God in so many forms and guises, in every nook and cranny of his life.

In a couple of hours' time I will be setting off to catch the Eurostar to Paris, to be part of a European vocations forum for my congregation (I use the term European somewhat broadly here, as the meeting will also embrace sisters from the USA, Japan and Haiti!). Here we too will ponder on the mystery of God in so many places and guises, so many different details in the life of each person. Please join me in praying for the work of this meeting, and for all those beginning to notice and respond to God, as he calls and pervades all details of their lives.


  1. Sylvana, look forward to our sharing some of the fruits of this meeting with your sisters in this continent whose distance makes sharing in such meetings very difficult.
    Thank you for all you do to keep us in touch.
    Mary Shanahan


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