Un-chilled summer Wordle

August is traditionally regarded as a slow, languid month, in which not a lot is supposed to happen; a time when "serious" news is expected to take a holiday. But looking at this month's Wordle, I can see that - this year at least - the opposite has been true.

My Wordle is cluttered, crammed full of mostly unrelated words and several names. It's been that sort of month. There has been no underlying, unifying theme, no monitoring of magnolia or big event or even reflections on reflections as with some months. Instead, I've got an eclectic mix of people,  a couple of feasts, some major international events and life in general, from gardening and an international congregational meeting, to precious time with our foundress. (Actually, it has just occurred to me that internationality has been an underlying theme, even if that word doesn't make it onto the Wordle!)

So what do we have? An absolute jumble of words, with "God's dream" near the top, and just about everything else tumbling after! I leave you to pick your way through and decide what more you can see in there...

Does it reflect your August, or did you manage to have a slow and languid month..?

(PS: The Wordle's colour scheme is called Chilled Summer, in honour of the fact that this month was anything but!)


  1. That big "One" near the top (could even pick out, albeit ungrammatically, "though much words, ONE") suggests a unity and wholeness holding all the diverse busyness together. Maybe only seen in hindsight, though. I hope September brings you blessings - and a bit of chilling!

  2. Thanks - as you say, hindsight and distance are needed to see the unifying wood from the busy trees. I have my retreat this month - so hopefully God will help me chill with him during that week :)


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