Mellow month Wordle

And so September has drawn to a close, and late summer has slipped into early autumn. The days are still sunny, but just that bit chillier - bare feet are still ok, but cardigans are definitely needed, at least in the evening. Here at 11NG our final departing student is in the middle of departing, and our final newcomer will arrive in a couple of days' time.

We are now entering the season of mists and mellow fruitfulness, and in honour of this, blackberries have made it onto my September Wordle courtesy of my retreat! But it feels as though it has been a mellow month all round. It began with a call to pray for peace and ended with the call to pray from the sheer joy and privilege of praying, no matter how hard prayer feels.  Yes, there have been busyness and world and domestic events (even the boiler appears on this Wordle!) but the words which predominate are words of prayer, reflection and quietness. (And in fact, when I returned from my retreat, someone commented on how mellow I seemed, so maybe some of that mellow fruitfulness has rubbed off onto me as well!)

The Wordle is randomly generated, but it somehow knew to put Llannerchwen, retreat and quietness together! God - home is at the centre, along with life and world, and prayer and recollection are prominently at the top: as in the Wordle, hopefully also in life...


  1. I see risotto is at the top!! I love the way God is always so big in your Wordles, even such a busy one as this. Happy October!


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