Horizontal October Wordle

And so October draws to an end. It's been a very full and busy month, with so much happening which hasn't made it into blogposts: the start of the new academic year here in Oxford, weird weather, storms and gales elsewhere, new initiatives, meetings and wrestling with technology. And in the blogposts themselves, some special feasts - Francis, Teresa and Mater Admirabilis - and musings on the call to religious life, people, vocations ministry and the onset of autumn.

In fact, a couple of weeks ago I wrote that the trees had not yet put on their bright autumn colours. Since then, various russets and golds have been slowly seeping into the greens and splashing their fieriness against pale stone walls. Yes, it is definitely autumn, though still relatively mild and light, so there's no sense yet of autumnal gloom. Winter is coming, oh yes, but not just yet!

This month's Wordle is 100% horizontal, at the request of a friend who otherwise gets a monthly crick in her neck. The colours are as autumnal as I could get them, to reflect what we can now see around us. And this month there are plenty of treasures to sift through and enjoy! I'm glad that God, love and prayer are in joint first place, as indeed they should be in life (for those not in the know: the Wordle is of all the words in my October blogposts; the bigger the word, the more times I used it throughout the month)

I can see...

happy participants love long words

admirable contemplative lives simply makes prayer

sisters cheer pray hope work

always well blessed beautiful day life

And, tucked away under nuns, a reminder of harder, leaner times - spiritual winter

What can you see?