Double gold for 2014

So, we stand at the end of one year, with the new one fast approaching over the horizon, and every unknown joy, challenge, sorrow and opportunity that comes with it. Time, therefore, to dust off the Patron Saints Generator and pick a patron for 2014!

There are thousands of saints out there, many seemingly known only to God, local devotion, directories and the Generator. Whenever I've done this with friends or sisters, someone inevitably ends up with an eccentric mystic, over-zealous ascetic or 1st century martyr of dubious authenticity. I, however, have struck gold each time: in 2012 my patron was St Paul the Apostle and in 2013 it was St Clare of Assisi; zealous and mystical, yes, but highly authentic in every possible way, and saints I was more than happy to have as my patrons. I therefore approached the Generator today resigned to the idea that after two golden years, it would surely be my turn to experience the patronage of someone solemn, unreal or agonisingly martyred.

So I held my breath, clicked and got...

St Anthony of Padua!!!

Feast: June 13 (my late father's birthday)

Patronage: Against Infertility; American Indians; Amputees; Animals; Elderly People; Faith in the Blessed Sacrament; Lost Articles; Mariners; Oppressed People; Pregnant Women; Travellers

Just for fun I decided to try again, and this time I got...

St Catherine of Siena!!!!!

Feast: April 29

Patronage: Against Fire; Against Illness; Against Miscarriages; Against Sexual Temptation; Firefighters; Nurses; Sick People; People Ridiculed for Their Piety

Double gold! The Generator clearly believes that I'm in need of the powerful patronage of not one but TWO excellent saints, with strong Italian credentials (yes, I know Anthony was originally Portuguese, but he will forever be of Padua) and good track records as far as efficacy goes. And I'm certainly not going to argue with that! Apart from being a lovely fusion of two great spiritual and religious families, my patrons both have a well-proven track record as far as I'm concerned. One of my childhood memories is of my mother successfully asking Sant'Antonio for help with finding all kinds of lost things, and for several years I lived in a Franciscan-founded parish named after him. Meanwhile, Catherine wrote the oft-quoted line about setting the world on fire which was the basis for one of my earliest blogposts. She wrote a good many other things as well - maybe (hopefully) her patronage will spur me on to read some of them during the coming year.

Why not try the Generator yourself (click on its full name in the first paragraph) and let me know who you get!