A fuzzy New Year

Twenty years ago tomorrow I began my journey with the Society of the Sacred Heart. It seems almost incredible that two decades have already passed - years filled with growth and challenge, joys, sorrows, blessings, difficulties, love and many, many surprises. Lots to ponder on and give thanks for.

In other news... I have a cold. Nothing serious - it has slowed me down, certainly, but I haven't been confined to my bed or unable to do basic things. Thus far it's been a fairly well-behaved cold, and I would say I'm not ill, just not well. But even so, after a couple of hours of doing things, my head starts getting fuzzy and my limbs heavy, and I know I need a break - nothing as drastic as a lie-down, more of a sit-down, just some time apart. And so I find myself taking time out to be still, my fuzziness perfect for a prayer that is simply about presence, not thoughts or words or images. If I imagine anything, it is God having a quiet chuckle, and murmuring be careful what you ask for...

You see, on New Year's Eve, as I prayed and reflected with my sisters, I said I hoped in 2014 to find more times of stillness in between all the busyness. The stuff with which I'm busy is life-giving, enjoyable, fulfilling stuff, and yet I find myself needing and longing for the stillness, the extra times of prayer (however brief), the foundational re-charging which lies at the heart of our vocation as apostolic contemplatives, but which can so easily get swallowed up by all the to-ing and fro-ing. If the busyness is good and necessary, the prayer is doubly so.

And so here I am, thanks to my sort-of well-behaved cold (which started on New Year's Day), starting 2014 fuzzy-headed and heavy-limbed, yes, but with more of that prayer and stillness, just as I had hoped for...


  1. This has been a real help to me. I also had wished to have more time to pray and prepare for the New Year and, on December 27th came down with a bad chest cold. I have spent the week mostly in my room sitting in a chair...yesterday I managed two condolence notes and a thank you note! God arranges things and I am trying to be grateful for a miserable week! Your blog helped!

  2. Yes, I saw on your blog that you were being brief because you were unwell - I hope you'll be better soon, and able to appreciate any R&R


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