Last/first Wordle

Happy New Year! Time to round up December into a Wordle - making it both the last one of 2013 and the first of 2014!

It was a full and rich month, largely thanks to Advent and Christmas, and the rich and reflective fare they provide. But in addition we had St Madeleine Sophie's birthday, my anniversary of vows and the death of Mandela, nights at their longest and brief days at their darkest - and rain. Lots of rain with which to usher in a new year.

So here's the December Wordle, in which, despite the darkness, light is that little bit stronger, and becomes a "strong dark dawn", where fire is both focussed and "exceedingly quiet" and both passion and compassion are tender. What can you see?


And for the benefit of a friend who prefers to look at 100% horizontal Wordles, here it is again - the same words, but lots of different combinations to play with...