So who am I?

A bit of fun on a cold, wet and grey day...

My Facebook feed regularly contains all sorts of fun quizzes where I can find out which fictional character is my alter ego, how southern, leftie or otherwise I am, my mental age and so on. I usually try and answer them honestly, within the confines of a multiple choice, though sometimes I have fun by skewing my answers in all sorts of directions and seeing what the automated quiz makes of that.

So, some weeks ago I did a quiz to discover which ancient mythological character I am. I was extremely honest, and didn't pretend to be Venus or Helen of Troy; and I most definitely didn't say I would smite and poison all and sundry. Even so, I was told:

You are Medea. Passionate and hot-tempered you’ll do anything to get what you want and to punish those who’ve done you wrong. You are cunning with a powerful grasp of the dark arts. Beware anyone that gets in your way!

Hmmm... even on a really, really bad day and honestly allowing for the fact that yes, I do have a temper, that's not quite me...

Then, a few hours later I answered questions to discover which literary character I am, and discovered:

You are Holly Golightly from Breakfast at Tiffany’s. Holly grabs life by the lapels and refuses to stop and mope. Audrey Hepburn found playing her tough, “an introvert playing an extrovert”, but she captures your inspiring, enthusiastic and outgoing nature perfectly.

With a gift of the gab, your ability to bring the best out in people and your lust for life make you great company. People who meet you want to be your friend. If they were to catch you on a bad day you
might come across as indiscreet, flamboyant and hasty but, if you can focus on finishing the tasks you start, instead of moving on to something even more exciting, you can inspire us all.

Phew! She sounds pretty exhausting, though delightful and closer to reality, even if I look nothing like the beautiful actress who is synonymous with her!  But I had to chuckle at two such different personas on the same day. How on earth did that happen? Hmmm... perhaps if Medea was my Hyde side (hopefully well suppressed), Holly would be an excellent Jekyll...?

Then, the other day, I set out to discover which Hobbit character I am and got told:

Congratulations! You are Bilbo Baggins. You like living a comfortable life with good food and a warm bed. However, somewhere deep inside you there is something longing for adventure.

Oh yes! Especially the bit about a warm bed, as anyone reading my post about early mornings will know.

So, what have I learnt? That I'm dangerous and hot-tempered, outgoing, inspiring and have a lust for life and a longing for adventure - providing I can make the effort to haul myself out of my warm and toasty bed! So who am I? Well, I reckon I'm me: Silvana, the woman God created me to be, with all my gifts, limitations and foibles - and nobody else. Or, as Dr Seuss would tell me
Today you are You, that is truer than true. There is no-one alive who is Youer than You. 

That's good enough for me


  1. Well, Medea, I couldn't read this without trying to find the quiz! I suspect the one I found wasn't the same as yours but - I am "Zeus, almighty ruler of Olympus. You're a good ruler, angry at times, hate the water, and fall in love with mortal people all the time! You can still shoot lightning out of your fingers though." (Even though I said I was female). Strange, I don't hate water...but I guess I could do worse!

  2. Hehe, Zeus, even Medea would think twice about messing with someone who can shoot lightning with a click of her/his fingers!


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