A big heart open to God

Some readers might recognise the title of this blogpost as also being the title of Antonio Spadaro SJ's recent interview with Pope Francis. The title undoubtedly describes the pope, but in a very special way it also describes Mary, the Mother of Jesus, and everything about her that we celebrate in today's feast of the Annunciation.

But how can it be...? Let it be... Mary says very little in the Gospels, but these, her first recorded words, say a great deal about her. But how can it be...? A thoroughly sensible, down-to-earth question in response to a truly startling, disturbing announcement... and then Here I am... let it be... a generous, whole-hearted response filled with faith and trust and complete openness, a response that allowed God to come to life within her.

Today, a day filled with Mary's open-hearted YES, is a favourite day for entrances to religious life and vows ceremonies. It is also a good day on which to ask Mary to help us, that our hearts, like hers, may grow bigger and bigger, increasingly open to God and God's desire for us. May we, like her, be people with big hearts open to God.