We are loved

Above all remember that you are the cherished object of our Lord's most tender love. May he convince you of this. ~ Janet Erskine Stuart

Our heads know, of course, that we are loved infinitely and unconditionally by God, but we live with this knowledge in different ways and at different depths. There are those rare, precious days when we know, utterly, completely, that we are loved; when events, or our experience in prayer or something else mean we are simply suffused with the conviction of God's love. Then there are other, more ordinary days, when the signs of God's love are more low-key and mediated: a consoling hug or words when needed; a chance encounter which brings joy; a coincidence whose timing can only come from God...

But there are also days when those traces of love are harder to discern; when our overwhelming sense is of pain, loneliness or grief; when it is only our faith in God's promises and nothing "felt" which enables us to cling to the assurance that yes, we are and always will be loved by God.

Today is a very different kind of day. Because today - Good Friday - more than any other day, whatever we may feel or experience, however raw or empty we may be, is a day when there can be no doubt. As we contemplate Jesus, Love made flesh, who loved us and gave himself for us totally, to the very last drop, we can only know, we can only be convinced, that we are indeed the cherished object of his most tender and enduring love.

May we hold fast to that conviction...


  1. Muchísimas gracias, Silvana!

  2. Your conviction certainly helps me in my doubt

  3. Your conviction helps my doubt. Thank YOU


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