A week and a month

Today, 1st June, is Ascension Day, and, as the celebrant at Mass reminded us, we're already in the octave of Pentecost. His reminder that we need to beg God to send his Spirit reminded me of exhortations by our founder, Sophie Barat. The Heart of Jesus undoubtedly held pride of place for her, but she also had a great devotion to and belief in the power of the Holy Spirit, if only she - and we - could live our lives totally according to the Spirit's promptings and transformative power.

The words I immediately recalled during Mass were a heartfelt plea in one of her conferences: Open your souls to the Spirit, call the Spirit who wants to be desired, call the Spirit so that he will fill you with his gifts... An exhortation and a reminder to pray wholeheartedly and constantly - this week especially - for the gifts and strength of the Spirit, according to Sophie's dream for us...

Sophie's words, arranged by Trish Hayes RSCJ

And today also marks the beginning of June, the month of the Sacred Heart. This year the feast falls right at the end on the 27th, so I'm seeing this as an invitation for an extended time of prayer and preparation; a time to be spent in Jesus' Heart, learning from him, as he asks us to do in this year's feast day gospel (Matthew 11: 25-30).

So... however the time passes, I'm wishing myself and everyone a fruitful week with the Spirit and month with the Sacred Heart! May we all receive the growth, gifts and graces we need...


  1. Thank you for writing this as it is just what I am wishing about this week and the month - I also love the quote from St. Madeleine Sophie. Helen


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