Variegated Wordle

October was an interesting month, full of variety, with no two posts seeming to follow on from each other. The Guardian Angels were followed by Our Lady of Grace, St Teresa by inequality. Mater was there, of course, and Janet Stuart was present in two posts, rounding off our centenary celebrations. And the whole month was rounded off with Nightfever and Diwali - two very different celebrations in one evening.

At times like these a Wordle always helps me to see what the underlying themes might have been. Wordles are also fun, enabling me to play with what Java randomly throws up at me.

I'm glad to see that in all the medley God was clearly the dominant theme of my posts; interestingly, cross and life seem to be vying for second place; they are, of course, both part of the same mystery. And there, tucked in under God, I can see "inner unseen grace simply experienced", which seems a lovely message to take me into November.

What can you see...?