Mary, did you know...?

A few days ago a friend tagged me while posting a video on Facebook of a song called Mary, did you know? I'm glad she did, as it drew my attention to a lovely song and led to some further reflection.

Today's feast of the Immaculate Conception implies favoured predestination by God, from the very first moment of Mary's existence. But how would Mary have experienced this? The account of the Annunciation, tells us that Mary was incredulous; certainly not someone aware of having grown up in any way "special" or "different" to everyone else. And even after the Annunciation, and Gabriel's promise that the power of the Most High would overshadow her and her son would be the Son of God, Mary doesn't seem to have known exactly what this meant. Yes, John's account of the wedding at Cana shows Mary clearly aware that her son had the ability to create wine miraculously, but Luke depicts a mother frantically searching for her missing adolescent son and her surprise at finding him in the temple.

Mary's YES was uttered with a faith which somehow conquered her incomprehension. How did this unfold; how and when might clarity have come? We don't know; but we do know she pondered so many things in her heart, wondering, no doubt, at what so much of it could mean, and what it all might lead to... And that is what we are all called to do: to give and live our assent in faith, pondering and allowing it to unfold in God's own time.

Here is the song; may its message give us much to ponder in the depths of our own hearts...


  1. There is a beautiful rendition of this song..."Mary, Did You Know?" on the CD Mary's Way of the Cross by Angelina on Amazon....I think there are only 16 left. It is unspeakably beautiful....Christ's Heart Exemplified!
    Stephanie Fisher~Marcantel
    Academy of the Sacred Heart, Grand Coteau, Louisiana 87'

  2. Thank you for drawing my attention to this. I will try and find a version somewhere other than on Amazon as I deliberately don't use them. Blessed rest of Advent and happy Christmas!


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