Throw wide the gate of your heart...

Throw wide the gate of your heart, run toward the sun whose unfailing light shines on every human being. ~ St Ambrose

I am blessed to have a bedroom facing east and overlooking a tree-filled park, through which the rising sun sets leaves ablaze and shines golden into the house. This is what has greeted me every morning this week (except today, when the sun rose behind a shield of clouds). In the ten days since the midwinter equinox there has been no change to sunrise and sunset times - in fact, it has even risen a couple of minutes later. But now, as the new year begins, we are promised gradually lighter mornings - it's as if the new year brings with it far more than just a new number after 201!

And in this new dawn, this beginning of a new year filled with hopes, expectations and resolutions, I can feel the excitement in those words of St Ambrose. They are part of the Office of Readings for Christmas Eve, encouraging us to rush out and meet the new-born Christ with open arms, but they feel equally right for New Year's Day. A new year can mean a new so many things, which we can meet and greet with enthusiasm and an open heart. And even when we cannot see the sun we can still meet and greet it in faith, as we must do so often with the hidden blessings in our lives.

So may 2015 be the year when we all throw the gates of our hearts wide open, and run towards the source of our life and joy, allowing his unfailing light to shine within and radiate from us to all those we meet.