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Sunday, 5 April 2015

With new delight

We have an Easter poem on our website (here) by one of our sisters, who is now celebrating this feast in Heaven. It begins with these words

That Easter dawn He looked with new delight
upon the world's known loveliness...

Easter is a time and an invitation for all of us to look with new delight upon the known and the familiar, and know it has been transformed into a new loveliness by Jesus' death and resurrection. It is a time for what Klaus Hemmerle calls Easter eyes, a new outlook on the world and events. We may have grown weary, despondent, pessimistic, we may be cynical or simply unseeing, taking so much for granted, but Easter reminds us that the world is charged and filled with the loveliness which is God's all-conquering love. It is an invitation to hope, to believe in new life, even in the face of hopelessness and death.

And it is an invitation to allow ourselves to be transformed, too, by the power of that wondrous love, into a new and greater loveliness, so that Jesus may look on us with new delight...

Happy Easter everyone, filled with the joy of Jesus' delighted gaze...

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