As it's still Heart-tide...

It's now less than a week since the Feast of the Sacred Heart, a time for still savouring and enjoying the many articles and reflections focused on the Heart of Jesus which appeared in time for the feast. This is a time which could be called Heart-tide, just as we have Eastertide and Christmastide - those days and weeks which flow from our greatest feasts, allowing us to continue living and savouring them in a rich, reflected glow. And indeed, in these seasons or tides there is a sense of an ebb and flow, a surging and a drawing back; and, as the tide recedes, a revelation of the riches they have contained. 

And a couple of days ago, the Society's Heart-tide washed an unexpected treasure up on to the shoreline: a short video from AMASC (international association of former students and pupils of our schools) using a reflection on the Open Heart by Concha Camacho RSCJ, written while she was Superior General. It's a lovely reflection, challenging and inspiring and offering me new insights, as well as making me want to read more of her letters and conferences. I hope it speaks to you too.