Sacred Heart of Jesus...

It's June. Late spring has glided almost imperceptibly into early summer. Last month's blossoms and wisteria have given way to the new stars of the seasonal show - irises, poppies and peonies now abound. But when did the days start getting longer? It's hard to remember; I only know that a week or so ago I noticed that the sky was still pearly hued well after 9.30pm, the air still full of birdsong. I had already blearily noticed that the dawn light and chorus were gently stirring me awake that bit earlier, though luckily I'm usually able to turn over and sleep a bit longer.

Yes, it's June, the month of the Sacred Heart, whose feast we will celebrate next Friday. And the other day I found this prayer, which St Madeleine Sophie is believed to have said every day. It's lovely, with layers of depth beneath its simplicity.

And it makes me wonder... what sort of heart, which aspect of Jesus' Heart, would I most pray for for myself? And what sort of heart do I most need?

Sacred Heart of Jesus,
Give us a heart that is one with your own...
A humble heart that knows and loves its nothingness;
A gentle heart that holds and calms its own anxiety;
A loving heart that has compassion for the suffering of others;
A pure heart that recoils even at the appearance of evil;
A detached heart that longs for nothing other than the goodness of heaven;
A heart detached from self-love and embraced by the love of God,
Its attention focused on God,
Its goodness its only treasure in time and in eternity.