In praise of... efforts and second springs

Every year in the height of summer our magnolia trees have their second flowering. It is, however, a pale imitation of what happens in spring, when the trees are transformed into a frothy mass of pink-white flowers. Now, the flowers are simply random splashes of pink within a large green sea of leaves, barely discernible from a distance.

Our wisteria, too, is enjoying a mini second spring, though its sparse, stringy flowers are nothing compared with its abundant May heyday. Its foliage is as lush and triffid-like as ever, and true to its gregarious nature it has spread and coiled itself along the wall in order to extend some friendly tendrils in the magnolia's way.

The effect of this floral fusion is rather lovely, as is the general effect of our mini second spring. Yes, the flowers are sparser and smaller, but... I'm so glad they make the effort. It's a reminder, too, that things are worth doing, worth making an effort for, whether or not the outcome is superlatively beautiful. Just the fact that the effort has been made can be more than enough.