Contemplative Stewardship

I'm spending the week helping out at Llannerchwen, our retreat centre in the hills by Brecon in Wales. It is, as always, a place of stillness and silence, variable weather and wild beauty. Today the sun has shone constantly, as if in atonement for yesterday's absence, butterflies and bees crowd over the buddleia and sun-streaked sheep continue their placid, unperturbed grazing. It is an idyllic setting in which to spend the inaugural World Day of Prayer for the Care of Creation - I certainly haven't been able to forget the Day in a place like this!

This morning I watched a video presentation on Contemplative Stewardship, by one of our sisters. Those words, contemplative stewardship, can make it all sound so easy, conjuring up images of wafting around a garden in a mystical haze, blissfully pruning roses and watering saplings. In reality, it is about living in increasing awareness, of listening and learning, reflection, gratitude and deepening enquiry. It is about not living in ignorance of our role and place in the world. According to Thomas Merton a contemplative, in their quest for God and a spiritual life, is one who would rather not know than know; a contemplative steward, though, needs to know, because that will then affect how they live and relate to all creation, how they walk upon the earth and use its gifts and resources.

But why not watch the video, and reflect and consider for yourself...?