A blaze of glory

Oxford is, thanks to its iconic and venerable buildings, well-known as a beautiful city. But were those buildings to crumble to dust, nature ensures that the city would still be filled with spectacular beauty, especially at this time of year. North Oxford, where I live is filled with trees, currently showcasing the full colour spectrum of autumn. In dull weather they blaze forth, their glory undimmed by the grey skies; leaves glisten and colours are heightened in rain, and in today's mild sunshine... Today Oxford is a city where every street is paved with gold, and there's a burning bush on every corner!

Some trees are already virtually denuded, the intricate, fragile tracery of each branch starkly bare against a piercingly blue sky. Others are still brazenly, blazingly, glorious, resplendent in the slanting autumn sun. Yes, autumn is a time of slow, withering dying, but nature gifts us an abundance of colour and beauty, which brings joy and awe to even the shortest walk and reminds us that in just a few months, after their necessary winter hardship, the trees will fill again with colour and new life.

And as it is for them, so it will be for us...