Love in my feed

The other day, on Vocations Sunday, RSCJ in United States-Canada tweeted a series of short videos and images of different sisters saying something about their call to the Society.

At some point during the day, as new tweets appeared in my feed, I very unexpectedly found myself doing a double-take, then chuckling and greeting a very familiar face!

Yes, it seems that for one day - and one day only! - I became an honorary member of the USC Province; certainly, I felt somewhat honoured to be included in their gallery. It also seems that they had done their research and read my 2015 Vocations Sunday post Hundredfold Headings, from which these words come.

I was grateful to be reminded of what I had written last year, because it meant being reminded of the grace and the experience of God which lie behind the words - and which are at the heart of my call to the Society. There is a tremendous, heart-widening joy in knowing myself to be loved so abundantly; and a tremendous, heart-widening call, for me as for all RSCJ, to share that love in whatever way I can.

It's a great way to live, to be able to give as well as to receive love. My prayer and hope is that many more young women will experience God's limitless, gratuitous love for themselves, and understand that becoming RSCJ is the most tremendous way to be able to respond, with generosity, in giving back love for love.


  1. Lovely, Silvana. Love is the most important thing in life. Everyday that becomes more clear to me.


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