Written treasures

In any religious congregation there is a wealth of written material from which its members and co-workers can draw guidance, inspiration and sustenance. In the Society we have our Constitutions and Chapter documents... and the letters and conferences of our founder, St Madeleine Sophie, and of all the Superiors General after her. We have the letters of St Philippine Duchesne and the poetry and prose of Janet Erskine Stuart... plus other writers and biographers, and ad hoc documents about formation, education and so on.

And all this is in addition to scripture and liturgy, and inspiration and prayers from our favourite non-RSCJ saints and spiritual writers! We are truly blessed with an abundance of riches! - the call and challenge, of course, being to live, with congruence and integrity, the openness, fidelity and generosity within those words and sentiments which speak most persuasively to our hearts.

A few months ago I asked members of our Province to send me their favourite extracts. I added a couple of mine, mixed in some images (and my thanks go to those RSCJ from near and far who - now and on previous occasions - have cheerfully let me use their photos) and created this little video. It's also the first time I've ever created a video presentation, so I've learnt something new along the way - and yes, I do feel rather proud of my creation!

I hope you enjoy viewing it, and that something from our written treasury will speak to your heart, as it does to ours, and nourish you in your prayer, reflection and daily living...