My life in 10 verses: Promise - and bonus Magnificat

May is ending with sunshine, abundant lushness and extravagant blooms, while the air is perfumed with scents more fragrant than anything Chanel could ever conjure up. And we end this month dedicated to Mary with the feast of the Visitation, whose Gospel is one of my favourite narratives, rich with energy and joyous encounter. I love the way in which Mary and Elizabeth can recognise and affirm God's life and action in each other, and - importantly - in themselves, epitomised by the leap of joy within Elizabeth, and the glorious, glorying proclamation which is the Magnificat.

I chose this as the Gospel for my first vows Mass, for all of the above reasons. And the verse I'm sharing today is the one most closely allied to vows and commitment - Blessed is she who believed that the promise made to her by the Lord would be fulfilled. (Luke 1: 43) Whatever promises we might make to God are much more than matched by God's all-encompassing promise to us. And what is that promise? Not of an easy life, or a perpetually delightful one, but something far more precious: steadfast, infinite love, undying fidelity, the assurance - and reassurance - of his constant presence, and a hundredfold far beyond all imagining.

We also sang the Magnificat at both my first vows and final profession. What, after all, could surpass the Magnificat in expressing supreme joy, and gratitude at God's call and choice? So today I'm unable to resist the temptation to share a Magnificat as well. This isn't one of the ones we sang at those events, but this arrangement, by David Haas, has been an enrichment to me and has sung within my soul, ever since I heard it at a significant moment during my thirty days retreat, a month before my profession.



  1. That is a beautiful witness!
    Thanks so much for sharing. Love your photographs also... I recognise St B's! in one of your posts.

  2. Thank you - I'm glad you enjoyed reading it. By St B's do you mean St Beuno's? I've only stayed there once, and took very few photos - I don't think I've shared any of them here, so you're recognising somewhere equally scenic.


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