On Trinity Sunday I heard an excellent homily, by James Hanvey SJ - who I was fortunate enough to have as my lecturer on the Trinity almost twenty years ago. He began the homily by talking of the three different types or levels of knowledge: knowing about (from a distance); acquaintance (initial meetings); and participation (relationship). And for a while I listened with only one ear; I left the Trinity, so to speak, because in his words I heard more about the Sacred Heart, and about being RSCJ.

Because this is what the Heart of Jesus invites us to - an ever deepening relationship and intimacy, and flowing out from that, participation in his mission of love. This is the challenge and the privilege which lies at the heart of our vocation as RSCJ, and at the heart of our charism. Christ invites us to enter into the dispositions of His Heart, say our Constitutions: effectively, as in today's Gospel, he invites us to yoke ourselves to him, so that we can work as a team, moving in unison, always together. Thus we grow in union with his Heart: his dispositions, outlook, ways of relating, his desires and dreams become ours; his Heart becomes our heart, his mission is our mission. In a world growing increasingly divided we are called to greater, deeper union; to that hurting, wounded world we can bring the healing of the love flowing from his Heart to ours.

Today, on the Feast of the Sacred Heart, I will join with RSCJ throughout the world as we celebrate this Heart which is the source of God's infinite, unconditional love and renew our commitment, made through vows, to our participation in making that love known, however and wherever we may be. May we, and everyone reading this, grow in union, intimacy and participation with Jesus' Heart and his desire for us and for our world.

Happy Feast everyone!


  1. Amen, thank you!

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