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Wednesday, 7 June 2017

Pre-election rainbow

I was walking away from it, unawares. I had my back to it, my head down and tucked into my hood, to avoid raindrops spattering on my glasses. Yesterday had been a day filled with atrocious weather, beginning with torrential rain and heavy winds, fallen branches lining the roads. But, seven hours later, I drove home under a blazing sun, the trees lining the M40 gilded as they swayed and swooned in the wind. And then, after my arrival, came an hour of showers interspersed with sudden sunshine. Eventually I felt I could safely rush into town on a quick errand, but as the rain started again I quickened my pace...

And then, in Cornmarket a gust of wind tore at my hood and I lifted my head... And in that moment I realised that the rain had stopped, and noticed some people exclaiming and pointing. A man walking toward me stopped and stared into the distance, transfixed, and a woman, beaming, said "beautiful" to no one in particular. So I stopped and turned, and I too became transfixed...

And indeed it was beautiful.

Tomorrow we go to the polls in our increasingly unpredictable general election. And in this rainbow, symbol of God's enduring covenant of love (which, I later discovered, also appeared over other cities and counties), I was reminded of Jesus' promise to be with us always, in all circumstances. May we especially feel his presence with us tomorrow, prompting us all to vote with generosity, wisdom and concern for the common good, especially of the most vulnerable; and may we especially know his fidelity, in the time to come, whatever the outcome.

PS: A minute or so later, heading past Broad Street, I came across the rainbow's end... or was it its beginning? One never can tell with rainbows - they simply are...

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