My life in 10 verses: Grace

The other day I came across a nice quote on social media, by Cheryl Richardson: Surrender is the key that unlocks the door to grace. And yes, that's true... but... my experience has been of a cyclical movement, which, if it has to have a beginning, begins with God, not with me - with the gift itself, not the perfect conditions for its bestowal. It's always been grace - freely given, at times surprising, unexpected, at other times fervently prayed for - which has enabled me to surrender, as it has also enabled me to transcend the limitations of my weaknesses and lack of zeal or fidelity, or simply given me the trust and inner strength for whatever lies ahead. Grace which comes in many guises, usually unearned, often stealthily, catching me unawares but no less welcome for that; grace which can lead to more grace, which is copious, powerful, and, as the well-known hymn says, simply amazing.

Or, as today's saint, Rosa da Lima put it: The gift of grace increases as the struggle increases. 

Three months ago I embarked on the 10 verses challenge, and began to write about ten scripture verses which have been - and in different ways still are - significant in my life. I began with my childhood and started to work my way through my life, heading towards the present day. I got as far as nine before other things, and events such as the Philippine Forum, interrupted the flow. But for a long time I have known what number 10 would be. This is what accompanies me, making surrender possible and rooting me - when events and situations might send my reactions elsewhere - in my fundamental call and commitment to God and to Love.

My grace is enough for you, for my power is made perfect in weakness. ~ 2 Cor 12.9

Yes, it is grace, working in and through my weakness, which - as the song says - has brought me safe thus far, and which will surely lead me home...


  1. Your life in ten verses is simple yet so wonderfully received by this follower. And the finishing verse last but not least in its perfection. Yes His grace is enough, albeit when we are weak we are His the most as we look unto Jesus the author and finisher of our faith. God bless you! Michelle

  2. Yesss!! And God bless you too


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