God meets us

Yesterday I went to Mass at St Augustine's, Hammersmith, for the first time in almost twenty years. In those intervening years the parish has developed a new centre, currently being used for Mass during church renovations. And - to my delighted surprise - these words, writ large on a wall, were what greeted me as I walked in: a reminder of God's call and invitation to us all - to me - to love, and to therefore be someone who invites a response of love from others.

God met me as I walked in to Mass, just as God meets me every day, with reminders both little and large of his presence and call. As Brendan Callaghan SJ said in a homily a few months ago:

God meets us at the centre of our lives: he meets us in that space where he wants to love us. And such is that experience that we want to go out and do something in the world: we want to serve him in the world; we want to build the kingdom in the world...

God meets us at the centre of our lives, and draws us to the fullness of life, life lived at the heart of God's world.

Jesus is there with us... as our brother and our friend, and delights in us (as any friend delights in us) as we grow in love and service.

The Spirit works within us - God's love and life transforming each of us into who we really are.

At the centre of our lives we are touched by God's loving delight. How can we not want to share that experience with others? How can we not smile?

Yesterday God met me as I walked in to Mass, ushering me into a new parish community with reminders of the centrality of love. And yes, I smiled; felt myself touched by God's playfulness and loving delight - as well as God's serious intent - and want to share that experience with others...

And you: where and how has God been meeting you...?