Space for the uncontained God

Denise Levertov's poem, Annunciation, begins with this proclamation from the 6th century Agathistos Hymn: Hail, space for the uncontained God. 

And isn't that a most wondrous, truly awesome (in the word's fullest meaning) privilege and call? To be a space, a host, for the uncontained and uncontainable be space for a God who is uncontained and uncontainable Love... A call and a privilege, very especially - and very literally - for Mary, but also for all of us: to provide a space for a God and a Love which cannot be contained within space; to provide a space from which that Love and divine presence will overflow, filling the world around us.

We celebrate today's feast in the midst of so much which could easily fill us with darkness and despair. May there also be a central space in our hearts for the hope and wonderful immensity of this call, and an awareness of the uncontainable abundance of our God, filling and transforming all that is dark and unloving, even - especially - when we least see it.