New Year blessing

The other day I came across this short blessing by Isaac of Stella, a twelfth century Cistercian, theologian and philosopher. Christian posterity will largely remember him for his writing on mysticism and his philosophical interpretations of biblical texts, but I'm happy to know him simply through this blessing. It's a little gem - of gladness and delight in God, and simple, loving joy for the recipient. Despite spending so much time in his books and in his head, Isaac clearly knew how to dwell in his heart too.

And right now, as we continue to celebrate the Son of God in and among us, and send all sorts of New Year wishes and blessings around the world, this feels like an especially good wish to send from Heaven to all who read it, whether today on January 1st, or much later.

May the Son of God who is already formed in you grow in you - so that for you, he will become immeasurable, and that in you he will become laughter, exultation, the fullness of joy, which no one can take from you. 

I love the idea of Jesus becoming immeasurable within us; uncontained, bubbling up, spilling over, as pure, deep joy, for ourselves and those around us. The increase of Christ within us is key, though; a process of growth and a grace we need to desire and co-operate with daily. May we wish for nothing less.

Happy New Year everyone


  1. So nice to see an active site. Thank you

  2. PS!! I meant to say that the photo of the tree with this post looks like a very happy tree smile!! :-)
    and it makes me smile too ....


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