Hand brushed with glory

Yes, my curiosity was piqued; but no, I didn't go in and discover just what a glory glaze looks and tastes like! (Another time, perhaps) But it did make me think that this is something we could each say about ourselves. We have, each and every one of us, been moulded and caressed into being by God, who has poured out his life and his love - his very essence - onto us. And that includes the infinite beauty and greatness of his being, the glorious glory of his very self.

Hand brushed, too: not dabbed, drizzled from a height or randomly sprayed, but caressed, tenderly yet firmly, so that we are indelibly imprinted with God and show forth his glory. Hand brushed, so that, like St Paul, we too can be like mirrors reflecting the glory of the Lord... being transformed into the same image from one degree of glory to another... (2 Cor 3.18)

Hand brushed with glory... by God... Maybe one day I will find out what glory tastes like, but for now, I'll simply focus on how I can allow God's glory and imprint to shine forth in and through me...

PS: for those who are wondering - it's a place called Wing Wing in Shepherds Bush Road