Heart and pain in a Wordle

Woven through last month's posts, two interwoven themes predominated: the suffering, injustice and pain of our world, and the open, pierced, wounded Heart of Jesus. I call them two themes, but for us RSCJ they are inextricably linked, each one an entry point into the other. As our Constitutions remind us, The pierced Heart of Jesus opens our being to the depths of God and the anguish of humankind... and it is this anguish which returns us to the pierced Heart.

But lest you think the month was entirely grim, it has also contained an abundance of sunshine and greenness, birdsong and nature in full bloom. And as this Wordle of last month's posts shows: yes, there has been suffering and pain, but it is the Heart of Jesus, source of life and love, which remains strongest - and which somehow holds and contains so much of the "little stuff" within itself. A hope and a promise I certainly need to hold on to...