Strong and stable

The times in which we currently live are very volatile, fast-changing and unpredictable, with very little certainty in our politics, which are both unsettled and unsettling. Conclusions drawn and questions asked in today's newspaper articles and editorials could well be out of date long before tomorrow's is printed, overtaken by unforeseen events from Westminster or elsewhere. And as our country faces immense changes and challenges, our government, which, in last year's elections, famously promised to be "strong and stable", has proved - to general derision and consternation - to be just as chaotic, fragile and unstable as the rest of life can be.

And it is against this backdrop, filled with chaos and change, that I find myself celebrating the twenty-second anniversary of my first vows, and giving thanks for the enduring strength and stability of God. So much has altered, broken, proved to be transitory, since the 14th December 1996 - but not God. Through every high or low, disaster or delight; in desert places and times of abundance, God has remained, ever-present; changelessly strong in steadfast love and fidelity, and reassuringly, enduringly stable.

And I give thanks for this God, to whom I have pledged my life; give thanks for his choice and call, his faithfulness and tender love. I give thanks for his strength transcending my weakness, his stability my fickleness, and for nudges and challenge, gentleness and compassion. And so, trusting in the fidelity of God and in the love of my sisters, I renew with all my heart... my vowed commitment to God, in the Society. I renew my commitment and my desire to follow Jesus by journeying ever more deeply into the depths of his Heart, there to learn his attitudes and how to view and love our world with his eyes. And specifically I renew my commitment to our mission of love, so needed in the midst of all our anger, pain and divisions.

May God be more and more my strength and my stability, and the source of all the hope I need, and can share with others.