What could God do... if I said...?

As today's feast of the Immaculate Conception began to unfold, my social media feeds increasingly contained images, prayers, poems and reflections, many of them focusing on today's Gospel of the Annunciation. But this was the image which especially caught my attention: Sr Mary Stephen's Annunciation - with some especially arresting words added on by the Vocation Scotland Facebook page.

What could God do with my life if I said let it be done unto me...?

My first thought was to wonder how this question might challenge any young person discerning their future, maybe feeling nudged towards religious life or priesthood. I imagine, if that young person is anything like I and countless others have been, that this question could begin with trepidation. What could God do with my life, with all my dreams and ambitions, my very pleasant present, my plans for my future... if I dare to let him in, dare to say let it be...? But the journey into God takes us beyond fear, and so the question becomes one filled with awe and possibility: what marvels could God work in me, what amazing things could God do with my life... if I said let it be...?

But really, this is a question we all need to ask, whether religious or not, wherever we are on our journeys, however long since we made vows and long standing decisions. What could God do with my life if I truly said let it be...? If I truly made my home in Love, truly centred myself in God and obeyed the Spirit's promptings, allowed myself to be stretched, challenged, transformed... what could God do with my life then...?

What could God do with my life if I said let it be done unto me...?