Baptism blessing

Today we celebrate the Baptism of Jesus, when we are invited not only to reflect on this momentous event in Jesus' life, but also to recall and give thanks for the blessing of our own baptisms, and for the moments of call and affirmation we have each received. My social media feeds have contained several striking images and reflections, but this poem, posted by Jamberoo Abbey, stood out in particular. There's a mystery about it: who is, or could be, speaking the words? - and to whom are they addressed?

And I read and re-read it, I heard it being said by the Trinity of Love, to me - to each one of us. The Trinity which is drenched in its own outpouring of love for us; joyously splashed and washed by its delight in us; and which longs to be born anew in each one of us, that we may be bearers of that overflowing love to our aching, thirsting world.

However you read it, whoever you hear saying the words, may this poem be a blessing, an affirmation and a call for you, as it has been for me.

Blessing the Baptism

As if we could call you
anything other than
and blessed

drenched as we are
in our love for you

washed as we are
by our delight in you

born anew as we are
by the grace that flows
from the heart of the one
who bore you to us.

~ Jan Richardson