Confirmation and sending forth

This morning I decided to begin this new year by turning to the first page of a calendar of Society quotes compiled by our sisters in Australia-New Zealand. The quote I found comes from the introduction to our Constitutions written in 1982 by our then Superior General, Helen McLaughlin RSCJ: Our Holy Mother was a woman of her times, captivated by the love of Christ and open to the calls of the world in which she lived; may she give to each one of us her spirit, her courage and her humility.

Reading it, I suddenly realised that although I have spent a lot of time with the Constitutions themselves, I have never done more than skim past the introduction, which is unusual for me, as I generally do read prefaces, introductions, acknowledgements - the lot. So I remedied this, of course - and am so glad I did. There are only a few paragraphs, but they contain within them a very powerful reminder of the calls - from within and from our world - and the desires which must lie at the very heart of being an RSCJ: a reminder, too, of the hope with which we need to live the calls which will undoubtedly abound in a new year likely to be filled with turmoil.

A reminder... and a confirmation and a sending forth...

As an Apostolic Institute we are discovering, in a new way, the Heart of Christ at the centre of the sufferings and hopes of humanity... our end: to glorify the Heart of Jesus by our whole life. I want each one in the Society to experience both confirmation and sending forth. Confirmation of our spirituality: union and conformity with the Heart of Jesus, in complete openness to the Spirit; confirmation of our mission: to discover and make known the love of the Heart of Christ; confirmation of our service in His Church: education.

It is also a sending forth which we shall live with renewed hope. 

May I - may each of us - be increasingly captivated by the love of Christ, and receive the confirmation and sending forth, the spirit, courage and humility we all need to live the challenges and calls of the year to come.

Happy New Year everyone